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December 19, 2022
Find your way
Story Rich
Third-Person Shooter
Spectacle fighter
Hero Shooter
Top-Down Shooter
Great Soundtrack
About the game

"Find Your Way" is an exhilarating and immersive third-person shooter that transports players back to the heart of the Wild West, immersing them in the once peaceful and prosperous town of Syver City. The game offers an unforgettable gaming experience, boasting captivating visuals and a captivating low-poly art style that perfectly complements its addictive western soundtrack, enveloping players in the rich atmosphere of the era.

  • Immersive Wild West World: "Find Your Way" recreates the unique atmosphere of the Wild West with its captivating low-poly art style and an addictive western soundtrack. Players will be immersed in picturesque landscapes, dusty streets of Syver City, and will feel the spirit of the era.
  • Engaging Third-Person Shooter Gameplay: Players assume the role of the resilient sheriff, engaging in intense third-person shooter action. Realistic interactions with non-playable characters and tactical battles demand cunning strategies and skillful maneuvers.
  • Gripping Narrative and Character Development: The game offers a compelling story of revenge and justice as players seek to confront the notorious bandit, Jesse James, and his gang. Interactions with diverse characters shape the protagonist's journey and impact the outcome of Syver City's fate.
  • Endless Game Mode for Replayability: "Find Your Way" features an endless game mode, providing an ever-evolving experience with fresh and exhilarating encounters. This ensures players will continuously find new challenges and gameplay variations.
  • Authentic Wild West Activities: Beyond combat, players can engage in activities typical of the Wild West era, such as horseback riding, quickdraw duels, and high-stakes poker games at the saloon. The attention to detail in the game world adds authenticity to the player's experience.
Screenshot of Find your way
Screenshot of Find your way
Screenshot of Find your way
Screenshot of Find your way
Screenshot of Find your way
Video of Find your way
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