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January 26, 2018
Early Access
Early Access
Open World
Procedural Generation
About the game

cyubeVR (pronounced Cube VR) is a virtual reality voxel game fully designed for roomscale VR.

The world in cyubeVR is entirely procedurally generated. Enter a seed or let the game generate one for you, and explore a unique and detailed infinite world that no one ever saw before.

Find your way through complex cave networks going deep into the ground, climb up huge hills to get a great view over the world or try to build yourself a way up to massive floating islands.

All of that fully optimized for roomscale VR to get you the most immersive experience possible. There are no limits how far you can travel – your unique world is infinite in size.

Gather resources in the world and use those to build anything you have in mind. Allow your creativity and imagination to run free. Design a fortress on top of a mountain, construct a bridge to connect two floating islands or dig yourself deep into the ground and work on complex underground structures.

Experience a building system exclusively optimized for roomscale VR in a way that was never seen before. You can even move blocks after you have placed them!

Thanks to roomscale VR, even have a good conscience for the workout you did while you can marvel your new creations.

In VR there is no need for any UI, menus or buttons for crafting. Just use your hands and naturally craft tools and other items directly in the world.


- Dynamic Weather. The weather dynamically and smoothly changes between sunny, rain and snow. And cyubeVR proabably has the best looking snow of all existing VR games!

- The game automatically detects which controller you are using and adjusts the controls to optimally work with your controller, and automatically shows you the tutorial fitting for your exact controller - currently, the game has 4 different control schemes, individually designed for:

  • HTC Vive Controllers
  • Valve Index Controllers
  • Oculus Touch Controllers
  • Windows Mixed Reality Controllers

- Use either Smooth Locomotion or Teleport, depending on what your prefer. Snap Turning has options for both 22.5° steps and 45° steps.

- Dynamic Picture Frames that allow you to import any custom PNG/JPG files from your PC and display them in fully resizable and movable picture frames that you can decorate the wall of your virtual house with:

- Dual Wielding with all tools. Twice as fast, and twice the fun!

- Full finger tracking on the controllers that support it (Valve Index Controllers), and the closest possible approximation on other controllers (Touch Controllers, Vive Controllers)

- Awesome vacuum bucket with magic crystals for quickly collecting a lot of items

Screenshot of cyubeVR
Screenshot of cyubeVR
Screenshot of cyubeVR
Screenshot of cyubeVR
Screenshot of cyubeVR
Screenshot of cyubeVR
Screenshot of cyubeVR
Screenshot of cyubeVR
Screenshot of cyubeVR
Screenshot of cyubeVR
Screenshot of cyubeVR
Screenshot of cyubeVR
Screenshot of cyubeVR
Screenshot of cyubeVR
Screenshot of cyubeVR
Screenshot of cyubeVR
Screenshot of cyubeVR
Screenshot of cyubeVR
Screenshot of cyubeVR
Screenshot of cyubeVR
Screenshot of cyubeVR
Screenshot of cyubeVR
Screenshot of cyubeVR
Video of cyubeVR
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Contact / Intro

To contact me or to leave feedback or suggestions for the site , please reach me at:

My name is Kolten. I have an M.S. in computer science from the Colorado School of Mines and I work as a software engineer. I love web development and I am always trying my best to improve.

I made this website from scratch and I maintain it in my free-time. I was inspired to make a powerful game search engine after becoming overwhelmed by my own Steam library, thanks to incredible bundle sites like Humble Bundle.

This site scrapes data from Steam and makes many calls to Steam's web API every single day. I do my very best to keep all of the data as up-to-date as possible with my limited resources.


This site is the result of my desire to build a powerful Steam game picker that is more than just a simple random Steam game picker / generator.

I pay for this site out of pocket and get limited support from your donations, from affiliate links (Humble Bundle), and from some light advertising (feel free to adblock me if you find it overwhelming or you find that it significantly detracts from your experience).

If you are interested in an API or viewing some of the incredibly insightful data I have collected, check out the donation page to see more details on getting access to these things. I will also make a public API once I have enough donations to support its operation, but regardless I host the DataTrends page for patrons who donate enough!


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