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November 5, 2018
Early Access
Story Rich
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Early Access
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About the game


  • 97% felt calmer and less stressed after playing.
  • 98% found the meditation in Playne easy to understand and practice.
  • 90% successfully built a daily habit of meditation by playing Playne.


  • Designed to improve mental well-being by helping you find calm and relaxation
  • Build resilience to stress and increase overall well-being
  • An effective strategy for anyone looking to start new, healthier habits.
  • Promotes personal growth & transformation
  • Innovative and easy to practice meditation techniques
  • Guided audio meditations



    • Everyday you meditate, the game world grows and transforms
    • A customisable world for you to create your tranquillity for your meditations
    • Choose the weather & change time to create immersive sound ambiances
    • Choose from over 5 different sceneries to meditate in
    • Create your own scenery with evolve mode.
    • Soundtrack by Tess Tyler


    • Reduce and build resilience to stress and increase overall well-being
    • Highly restorative to both mental and physical health
    • Promotes personal growth & transformation

    Full list of science backed benefits of meditation:


    • First-person exploration Mode
    • 25 sq km open-world Island
    • Meditate to grow trees and create your own forests & tranquil spaces.
    • Transform the island by meditating


    You have forgotten why the sun no longer sets, how the trees stopped growing and how everyone became immortal. That is, until you met a little fox who wanted to help you remember, who wanted to show you how to bring balance back to the world.


    With Playne, I am just sharing what I have used myself to live a more balanced life. My goal is to create games that bring lasting happiness to our lives by helping us to discover the fulfilment, openness, strength and calm that is within us.

    • Leave a powerful, positive impact on our lives
    • Bring about growth and change into the real world
    • Ease our suffering, improve our well-being and mental health
    • Mindfully encourage players to build positive habits
    • Are engaging and fun


    October Guided Meditations, journaling and calming exercises
    September Campfire modes
    May: Localisations & Optimisations
    March: Weather & time customisations
    February: Meditation sceneries. Steam achievements + cloud save.
    January: Story + Text Fully Edited and Revamped (thank you Nerrei). Immersive 360 View Mode. 6 New Meditation Customisations. 3 Meditation Optimisations. Credits Screen. Better Streak System

    • 2018 •

    November: New Story Chapter Added. More dialogue options with Fox.
    October: New day driven progress system. Fully dynamic tree growth. Visual upgrade. Revamped settings
    September: Evolve game mode released
    August: Evolve game mode preview. Console commands
    July: New story chapter. Revamped UI


    I'm especially grateful to everyone who has purchased Playne as an early access game. Your early support means a lot to me, and practically it helps me to keep developing and improving Playne. I hope in return I can give you a game which genuinely helps you to live a life with awareness.

    Made with ♥ in Scotland!
Screenshot of PLAYNE
Screenshot of PLAYNE
Screenshot of PLAYNE
Screenshot of PLAYNE
Screenshot of PLAYNE
Screenshot of PLAYNE
Screenshot of PLAYNE
Screenshot of PLAYNE
Screenshot of PLAYNE
Screenshot of PLAYNE
Screenshot of PLAYNE
Screenshot of PLAYNE
Screenshot of PLAYNE
Screenshot of PLAYNE
Screenshot of PLAYNE
Screenshot of PLAYNE
Screenshot of PLAYNE
Screenshot of PLAYNE
Screenshot of PLAYNE
Screenshot of PLAYNE
Video of PLAYNE
Video of PLAYNE
Video of PLAYNE
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