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December 15, 2021
Female Protagonist
Visual Novel
Psychological Horror
Story Rich
Multiple Endings
Choose Your Own Adventure
About the game

...sits a lone manor.

That's the way it's always been. Always will be.

Then why is she here?

Why have you let her come?

In the middle of a field, far out in the countryside, sits a lone manor.

Inside that manor, in the middle of the field, far out in the countryside, lives Amelie and her dear friend Lilika.

Forbidden from leaving the house, Amelie awaits the arrival of her long time penpal, Sofia, to Lilika’s dismay.

What secrets will Sofia unravel that were best kept buried?

And will she manage to survive the night?

Play as three different protagonists to uncover the full story and discover the truth about the lone manor in this psychological horror, yuri visual novel.

🌸 A short, spooky story: At around 20,000 words/1 - 1.5 hours of playtime, Amelie is a short (and not so sweet) story about two girls in love, and another who lost her love.

🌸Captivating visuals: You'll be pulled right into the story with original illustrations by Alyssa Calderon and 瞬.

🌸 Three playable characters: You'll play as three different characters... Amelie, Sofia, and finally Lilika, to uncover the full story about what happened in the lone manor.

🌸 Gorgeous Music: Listen as the music accentuates Amelie's scenes, making both the heartwarming and slightly terrifying scenes come to life.
Screenshot of Amelie
Screenshot of Amelie
Screenshot of Amelie
Screenshot of Amelie
Screenshot of Amelie
Video of Amelie
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