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April 12, 2019
If I am AI
Dark Humor
Artificial Intelligence
About the game

"Why would the government waste their time and money spying on an innocent nobody like me?" Most people asked themselves something like this when the PRISM program was exposed in 2013. Indeed, the government probably has neither the interest nor the manpower to monitor everyone. But what about AI agents?

You can only see what AI allows you to see.

Even before online platforms give your privacy to the NSA, what can it do with private information?

Personalized customization. 

You can see Big Brother Is Shaping You on your Steam home page while others can't because Steam's AI speculates that you might like this game based on your play history and purchasing habits.

Your news feed features articles related to offline games that others don't see.

On shopping websites, you see ads for video game consoles where others see sneaker ads. 

These days, it's hard to find a site that doesn't feature some degree of personalized customization. Now everyone sees the world differently.

When everything you see is determined by an AI, do you think it will customize your experience based on your needs... or will the things you see be chosen by a hidden agenda?

Will news platforms intentionally hide critical comments from you?

When you search for a product on a shopping platform, what items do algorithms want you to buy – and how will search results be arranged to maximize the chance you make a purchase?

Do you use search engines?

Do search engines really list all the relevant results?

How do they determine the order to display them in?

Couldn't they bury something interesting after the first 100 pages of results?

Do intelligent ad blockers only block ads?

Do intelligent news filters only filter out falsehoods?


So when user data from all online platforms is given to the NSA, what could they do with it using AI?

Big Brother Is Shaping discusses all of these issues: how your data is collected, how it is analyzed, and how this can affect you.

The game currently takes 30 minutes to an hour to play, and more content could be added in the future depending on player feedback.

P.S.: The preceding text was entered by voice input software.(accuracy rate>95%).

English translation: @Smorky&May @Mano @WhisperGames
Screenshot of If I am AI
Screenshot of If I am AI
Screenshot of If I am AI
Screenshot of If I am AI
Screenshot of If I am AI
Screenshot of If I am AI
Screenshot of If I am AI
Screenshot of If I am AI
Screenshot of If I am AI
Screenshot of If I am AI
Video of If I am AI
Video of If I am AI
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To contact me or to leave feedback or suggestions for the site , please reach me at:

My name is Kolten. I have an M.S. in computer science from the Colorado School of Mines and I work as a software engineer. I love web development and I am always trying my best to improve.

I made this website from scratch and I maintain it in my free-time. I was inspired to make a powerful game search engine after becoming overwhelmed by my own Steam library, thanks to incredible bundle sites like Humble Bundle.

This site scrapes data from Steam and makes many calls to Steam's web API every single day. I do my very best to keep all of the data as up-to-date as possible with my limited resources.


This site is the result of my desire to build a powerful Steam game picker that is more than just a simple random Steam game picker / generator.

I pay for this site out of pocket and get limited support from your donations, from affiliate links (Humble Bundle), and from some light advertising (feel free to adblock me if you find it overwhelming or you find that it significantly detracts from your experience).

If you are interested in an API or viewing some of the incredibly insightful data I have collected, check out the donation page to see more details on getting access to these things. I will also make a public API once I have enough donations to support its operation, but regardless I host the DataTrends page for patrons who donate enough!


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