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May 4, 2023
The Suits Have Gone Mad!
Free to Play
Story Rich
Survival Horror
Psychological Horror
About the game

The Suits Have Gone Mad! is an episodic series where you unravel the mysteries behind the monopoly of Blake & Whitley Innovations and bring color into the world.

Uncover color in a world stuck in black and white.

Blake & Whitley Innovations

A business behemoth in the world, dominating the market in tone production and distribution. Employees are pushed to the limits with little reward.

Play as the average-joe, Theo Blue, a senior innovator for the company who accidentally stumbles across color while working a usual day. Executives witness this discovery and mysteriously demand for his apprehension.

Escape The Giant Facility

Business suits search floor to floor, persistent in your capture. They will attempt to tackle you to the ground, avoid them in any way possible.

Learn Tricks And Use Equipment

Avoid tackles or hinder the pursuing mob through discovering new tricks and equipment throughout.

Uncover The Sinister History Of The Business

From the disappearance of a co-owner to the malicious business ethics, the company has a deep and dark history that they have been hiding from the public.
Screenshot of The Suits Have Gone Mad!
Screenshot of The Suits Have Gone Mad!
Screenshot of The Suits Have Gone Mad!
Screenshot of The Suits Have Gone Mad!
Screenshot of The Suits Have Gone Mad!
Screenshot of The Suits Have Gone Mad!
Video of The Suits Have Gone Mad!
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