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April 28, 2021
Regain Earth: First Strike
Early Access
Character Customization
Third-Person Shooter
About the game
Regain Earth: First Strike is a third-person Sci-Fi shooter game.
Take the tough challenge of surviving waves of increasingly difficult evil MuTecs (mutants & robots)! Grab a friend or two to hunt and slay them all. Crush each wave with help of randomly dropped weapons, gadgets and enhancements.

Achieve the top of the leaderboard! Earn rewards to unlock new game features, new maps and a lot of Steam Achievements!
This is a Community-driven solo-gamedev project. Help shape the future of this game! But don't expect the next Call of Duty from me. :-)

Just having fun! Compete with friends!

Stunning action awaits you and your friends in co-operative multiplayer! No long and boring storytelling! Not too complex! Just jump right into the action with your friends and enjoy the entertaining and challenging co-op wave shooter gameplay.
Compete with your friends for the highest score on the leaderboard!


Choose a map and try to survive and score as many points as you can, to get your name to the top of the leaderboard.
Fight waves of different types of mutants and robots, surviving each and every assault until the last one!

Collect scores over time to build up your loadout. Unlock Achievements, unlock more waves and unlock new character skins. Also unlock new maps, new boss fights, new grenades for your loadout and higher difficulty levels for a never-ending Regain Earth gaming experience.


300 years into the future, Earth is lost and YOU are the forefront of soldiers trying to get the upper hand against a very strong, unknown enemy in order to regain the earth.

Great Graphics

As a self-taught (solo) indie game developer, I can't deliver AAA graphics, but I try to bring best A+ graphics and entertaining gameplay to your screen. Control your avatar, a futuristic soldier, in an awesome third-person perspective with lots of cool effects.

Blood or Paintball

You don't like bloody games? No problem, switch to paintball mode.

Game with your friends!

You can fight as a lone wolf in Single-player or together with your friends in Multiplayer Co-Op mode to fight for humanity on earth! Achieve new high scores with your teammates and explore new weapons, tactics and weaknesses of your enemies together.

Key Features ready

- Third-person perspective and shooting action

- Co-op Multiplayer or Single-player
- Co-op multiplayer features like reviving your teammate
- Weapons and gadgets with significant differences by type
- Different kind of enemies, some with special abilities
- Unlock new character skins, higher difficulty levels and grenade types for your loadout
- Build defenses like Turrets to increase your chance of survival
- Score system and leaderboard system
- Steam Achievements and Statistics
- Fun and casual gameplay
- Boss Fights

Key Features planned

- At least 3 maps / levels with own settings, own theme, own leaderboard
- More great Boss fights!
- There are tons of more ideas in our Discord server. Just join Discord and vote for your favorite upcoming feature that I should implement into the game next!

Join us! Support us! Be aware, this is a Solo-Developer-Indie-Game

Regain Earth: First Strike can only be one of the best games if you are involved from the start! Regain Earth: First Strike will be my first indie game and the goal is to develop the next game features with community feedback. It will be impossible for a one-person indie game development project to deliver a co-op multiplayer action shooter game without community feedback. I want to dig deeply with you and the rest of the community to hear your amazing suggestions and feedback.

Please join me on Discord and help develop a great Regain Earth: First Strike with your feedback!
Screenshot of Regain Earth: First Strike
Screenshot of Regain Earth: First Strike
Screenshot of Regain Earth: First Strike
Screenshot of Regain Earth: First Strike
Screenshot of Regain Earth: First Strike
Screenshot of Regain Earth: First Strike
Screenshot of Regain Earth: First Strike
Screenshot of Regain Earth: First Strike
Screenshot of Regain Earth: First Strike
Screenshot of Regain Earth: First Strike
Screenshot of Regain Earth: First Strike
Video of Regain Earth: First Strike
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Contact / Intro

To contact me or to leave feedback or suggestions for the site , please reach me at:

My name is Kolten. I have an M.S. in computer science from the Colorado School of Mines and I work as a software engineer. I love web development and I am always trying my best to improve.

I made this website from scratch and I maintain it in my free-time. I was inspired to make a powerful game search engine after becoming overwhelmed by my own Steam library, thanks to incredible bundle sites like Humble Bundle.

This site scrapes data from Steam and makes many calls to Steam's web API every single day. I do my very best to keep all of the data as up-to-date as possible with my limited resources.


This site is the result of my desire to build a powerful Steam game picker that is more than just a simple random Steam game picker / generator.

I pay for this site out of pocket and get limited support from your donations, from affiliate links (Humble Bundle), and from some light advertising (feel free to adblock me if you find it overwhelming or you find that it significantly detracts from your experience).

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