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July 4, 2022
Triggered: Assault
About the game
Triggered: Assault is a tactical and competitive first person shooter for gun lovers, themed in the modern era of weapons and environments. Test your skills with players in your skill level and aim for victory!

Game Design

With tons of weapons, from classic to more exotic pieces, all weapons are designed to be effective in the battlefield.
Featuring an in-game currency system, players have to manage their equipment accordingly, being rewarded along the match. From pistols to heavy rifles, work together with your team to ensure superiority over your enemies.
There is no screen cross-hair! You have to aim down sights and acquire your target.
Bullets do a lot of damage! Even with the smallest calibers, it takes from 1 to 4 direct hits to neutralize a target, depending on where you hit the target and its body armor type.
Play smart! "Running and gunning" is not an efficient strategy in T:A. Go slow and steady, use the time in your favor and get your enemies of guard!


  • No aim spread: The bullets will always go to where you point your weapon (even in hip-fire). But recoils are strong, each gun has it's own pattern for you to learn and master.
  • Projectile simulation: Bullets travel at realistic speeds, are affected by gravity, and can lose stopping power at long distances depending on the bullet caliber.
  • High damage: Bullets will do a lot of damage, and weapon damage is calculated from stopping power (by caliber type and barrel length)
  • No cross-hairs: Aim down sights to be effective and reduce recoil, or use a laser-sight to be more accurate when firing from the hip.
  • Attachments that make a difference: Weapon attachments can be purchased in-game for your weapons and are designed to be very effective.
    - Laser-sights: shows exactly where the weapon is pointing, but might give away your position as it's easy to see its light on the distance
    - Suppressors: suppress your gun shots. Very effective with subsonic calibers, but not so much with supersonic loads
    - Optics: Red dots and magnified scopes makes it a lot easier to acquire targets and be more precise at range. Gun stats are not affected by the attachments.
  • Better weapons cost more in-game: realistically, there are guns that are generally better than others, these will obviously cost more in-game, so you definitely don't want to drop it and let someone else pick it up and use against you in the next round!
  • You can sell your equipment in-game: If you survived the round, you can sell the weapons you pickup to buy another one you like, or add better attachments on it. Get geared up and dominate!

Progression with Loot Boxes?

Do not worry, we are doing a very different take on progression and loot boxes.
We designed this system to increase the sense of value for each item you obtain
The way progression will work in detail is as follows: (this is something that can change with feedback from the community)
  • Every match you play you receive credits in your account. The amount of credits you receive will depend on play time and relative score in the match (the more points you obtain, more credits you get)
  • These credits can then be used to purchase Weapon Crates. You can choose from different weapon crates to increase your chance of getting the weapon you want, all items in weapon crates have the exact same drop chance!
  • No grinding! You will be able to open one weapon create with just a few matches, depending on how well you play. You can sell duplicate weapons to get some credits back, or you can sell on the Steam Marketplace to get real money back! And then use that money to buy the weapon you want directly from the market, from another player. The game is being designed to make all base weapons equally cheap and easily accessible to anyone.
  • There will also be Skinned Weapon Crates available to be purchased with your credits. They will cost more credits and items will have different drop rates (by rarity). But all items are yours permanently and can be traded or sold in the Steam Market as you please.
  • Game balance won't be affected by paid weapons! Skinned weapons stats are exactly the same as base weapons. Only weapon and skins obtainable, all tactical equipment and attachments are available for everyone from the beginning.

The game and the developers

Triggered: Assault was previously known in the social media as "Elite Squad Game". It an ongoing project being made purely from the passion of the developers since 2012. The game went through multiple iterations, being re-made from scratch to make sure it's the best product we can make as indie developers.
With no funding, with all exclusive assets and code, the developers have been learning and improving with time, re-making what is needed to create the best experience as possible.
We are using a heavily modified version of the Unity Engine. To enumerate some of the completely custom systems:
  • In-house custom Net-code: A custom net-code built from raw sockets, using the UDP protocol, to allow full control over the network traffic for high performance and high tick-rate synchronization.
  • Cloud Infrastructure: We have developed a custom matchmaking system fully integrated with cloud services, to dynamically create dedicated servers in regions around the world as needed.
    It's a completely autonomous system, so players should not worry about selecting servers or fear playing with bad latency.
    The currently supported regions are: US-East, Western Europe, Brazil, Australia and East-Asia.
  • Advanced rendering and optimizations: our goal is to provide a smooth experience for competitive players, our target frame rate is 144 FPS, but it will depend on the user hardware and settings.
Screenshot of Triggered: Assault
Screenshot of Triggered: Assault
Screenshot of Triggered: Assault
Screenshot of Triggered: Assault
Screenshot of Triggered: Assault
Screenshot of Triggered: Assault
Screenshot of Triggered: Assault
Video of Triggered: Assault
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