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October 30, 2017
Cube Racer
About the game
Cube Racer is a round based multiplayer racing game with cubes. Every round, all players race against each other to the finish line. Before every round, the players get to build one or more obstacles on the map. In the next round, all players have to pass all the obstacles, which have been built yet.


  • Online/Local Multiplayer
  • Singleplayer
  • Campaign-like Singleplayer
  • Map Editor
  • 300 Different obstacles
  • 25 Standard maps ( + Endless user created maps)
  • Competitive, fun and exciting
  • Controller support for ingame racing
  • Minimalistic, but still nice graphics

Online/Local Multiplayer

So basically, the game is designed to be a fun multiplayer game. You race against your friends or other players, to finish as fast as possible and score as much points as possible. But instead of giving the winning player an advantage for the following rounds, like it is done in many other games, all players have the same conditions every round, as all players are racing on the same map, with the same obstacles.
Besides of the racing, all players extend the map continuously, as every player can build obstacles, boosters or potential deadly objects on the end of each round. This way, the map gets more difficult or easier, but surely more interesting. It's totally up to you!
To win in the end, you must collect the most points by scoring as good as possible in every round, outsmarting your opponents with your obstacles and your racing skill.

Also, the game comes with a dedicated server, which allows you to set up your own local or online Cube Racer Server. It's a perfect opportunity to play some rounds with your friends, or to have some fun time on a hypothetically LAN-party ;)


In Singleplayer, you can challenge yourself to race on different maps with various predefined obstacles to slam the fastest times you are capable of.


By playing games either in singleplayer or multiplayer mode, you earn credits for your performance. With these credits, you can unlock new types of obstacles time by time. You can also then use the credits to upgrade the obstacles you own, to make them maybe bigger, maybe stronger and develop your personal cube-racing strategy.
At the beginning of a game, every player decides, which obstacles to take along into the game, which makes every online-game individual and exciting.

Map Editor

The game also includes a map editor where you can live your creativity and make your own maps for Cube Racer. You then have the possibility, to either just play your custom maps on your own server, or to upload them to the Steam-Workshop and share your creations with the whole community.
Accordingly, you can also browse through other players map creations to download and play your favorite ones.
Screenshot of Cube Racer
Screenshot of Cube Racer
Screenshot of Cube Racer
Screenshot of Cube Racer
Screenshot of Cube Racer
Screenshot of Cube Racer
Screenshot of Cube Racer
Screenshot of Cube Racer
Screenshot of Cube Racer
Screenshot of Cube Racer
Screenshot of Cube Racer
Screenshot of Cube Racer
Screenshot of Cube Racer
Screenshot of Cube Racer
Video of Cube Racer
Video of Cube Racer
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