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February 6, 2024
Sheepy: A Short Adventure
Pixel Graphics
Free to Play
2D Platformer
Dark Fantasy
Walking Simulator
Multiple Endings
About the game
Help Sheepy, an abandoned plushy brought to life, as he explores a forgotten and broken world. Sheepy: A Short Adventure is the first short game from MrSuicideSheep.

Independently Handcrafted

A short, handcrafted, fully independent pixel art platformer, spanning several zones with unique skills to unlock. Discover an abandoned world full of secrets and lore influenced by themes driven by the music and community of MrSuicideSheep for more than 10 years. The game is created by the ‘Thomas Duo’; solo Developer Thomas Lean and Producer Rob Thomas with Seeking Blue’s Label Manager Lucas James leading Soundtrack development and of course the enigmatic Sheepy.

Mailing List

Join the Mailing List and be the first to learn about playtesting opportunities, dev news, limited edition merch and more.

An Original Soundtrack

Weaved into the world is an incredible original soundtrack created by Seeking Blue artists Yoe Mase, Hahlweg and Tal from ECHOS, currently in development. Announcement Trailer music provided by Exist Strategy.

Support the Game

Sheepy: A Short Adventure will be free to play, with a Supporters Edition and more ways to support the game coming soon. Stay connect by Wishlisting, Following, joining the Mailing List and Discord to discover how to support the game in the future.

Wishlist & Follow on Steam

Make sure to wishlist and follow the game for the latest updates. Due for Release Q4 2021 - Q1 2022.
Screenshot of Sheepy: A Short Adventure
Screenshot of Sheepy: A Short Adventure
Screenshot of Sheepy: A Short Adventure
Screenshot of Sheepy: A Short Adventure
Screenshot of Sheepy: A Short Adventure
Video of Sheepy: A Short Adventure
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