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March 25, 2024
Action RPG
Dark Fantasy
Early Access
Female Protagonist
About the game


Set in the Land of Fumes, this prosperous magical superpower is home to vast quantities of magical resources lurking underneath the surface. In hopes of advancing their kingdom's development, artificial life forms known as Homunculi came into being. Regrettably, toxic Fumes from the underground drove the Homunculi to madness, turning them into feral monsters.

You play as Lilac, an "Attuner" who possesses the power to save the Homunculi. Upon waking, you find yourself in a laboratory deep in the underground. There, you will become acquainted with the Homunculi closely involved in the kingdom's downfall. Together with the Homunculi, set out in search of your lost memories and precious friends in the Land of Fumes. Follow the journey of destruction and rebirth in a post-apocalyptic world, decades after the disastrous Rain of Death.


ENDER MAGNOLIA is a dark fantasy 2D side-scrolling action RPG where you venture through the desolate Land of Fumes trying to save both humans and Homunculi. At the forefront of magical and mechanical development, the kingdom comprises of a hierarchical societal structure. Here, you'll come across abandoned cities, discover laboratories oozing with heinous mysteries, a grand Sorcerer's Academy, colossal factories, and much more. The hauntingly beautiful yet gruesome world of ENDER MAGNOLIA will unfold before you.

Journey with Homunculi and help those who have lost their minds to the Fumes. Fight fearsome, powerful enemies, purify their souls, and rally your companions. Who will you save at the end of your quest — humans or Homunculi?


■ Experience the revamped battle system that elevates your gameplay and exploration beyond that of ENDER LILIES.
・Explore the mesmerizing yet grim world at your own pace and take on menacing enemies with the help of your companions.
・Find your battle style using 30 different unique skills acquired from your companions.
・Collect and upgrade loads of equipment, relics, and items.
・Featuring new difficulty levels, you can choose to have a challenging experience or enjoy the gripping storyline at your leisure.

■ Gorgeous 2D art, animation, and music all come together to create a whimsical world.
・Humans and Homunculi live together in the kingdom known as the Land of Fumes.
・Venture out, get to know people, and help one another while unraveling the mysteries of the world.
・Witness poignant cutscenes and enhanced character interactions with your companions.


After lending their sweet and somber music to ENDER LILIES, 'Mili' is back with new compositions that bring the mysterious world of ENDER MAGNOLIA to life.
Screenshot of ENDER MAGNOLIA
Screenshot of ENDER MAGNOLIA
Screenshot of ENDER MAGNOLIA
Screenshot of ENDER MAGNOLIA
Screenshot of ENDER MAGNOLIA
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